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vistahelp started this conversation

AidPage is a great idea! I have always wanted to donate some of my spare time to help people in need, right here from my office. And here I found AidPage where I can hopefully use my research skills to help some of the people seeking financial and other help with valuable information resources. Besides, I am curious to find out what really is available out there from the governments and private sources that may match some of the needs posted here on AidPage.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


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America's worst charities - The needy get a tiny fraction

Fifty charities collected $970.6 million from generous Americans. Only about $49.1 million in direct cash actually went to the needy. How is this possible? CNN partners with the Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Full story here
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thank you for referring me to charitycars . i have registered with them do you know of any others resources to help get a car. please and thank you*
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Hi! I'm terminally disabled bit have a wonderful man in

Man in my life who is in need of serious dental work
He is self-employed & doesn't possess the funds. Do u know of some place near the twin cities that he could get some help? U can call 6128073884:)
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Talk to cowboymike
vistahelp   in reply to Por
Sorry, I cannot help you ... and it is very unlikely that someone will give you a such amount private loan for 20 years across borders without collateral. Maybe you should check with your local banks in Macedonia. This looks to me more feasible.
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I urgently needed 25000 euro,I am from Macedonia,any possibility to use loan,I can come back with the money in next 20 years with equals rent per month,please help me.

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Looking for any help that anyone could offer this Christmas ' I'm a new mother to a baby boy ' he was born on 09/01/2011 ' I'm 23 yrs old single mother ' i'm disabled because of a brain tumor . ( have proof of this ) just ask me .. I do work 8 hours a week at my local store . i been there for 5 years . i'm a good christian girl ' and i also run the weely youth group at my church . as i had nothing growing up and i just would like his 1st xmas to be special . anything that you can offer would be SOOOOO GREATLY APPRECIATED ...... Thankyou so much . Tuesday
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keep up the great work and god bless you.
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Just dropping by to say hi. I noticed you before and you have been here for sometime.
Take care
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Hello, Are you still offering research assistance? I can’t believe how difficult it is to find what I am looking for.There are organizations/shows like Extreme Home Makeover, Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding together ect when it comes to getting assistance with housing needs. Is there any charitable programs that would pay for dental care for children for free? Not on a continuous effort, but more of a onetime urgent basis?I would greatly appreciate any direction or links. The child lives in the Ft. Carson area in Colorado. Thanks so much! Janice


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Hurting Hearts

Don't let any of your friends miss this... ^ top All Hurting Hearts's posts and comments (7) OUR SWAP SHOP & YARD SALE Posted in Hurting Hearts1 26 minutes ago I am reading, time and time again, that no matter where we are, we all have the same needs. Most of the time it's people wanting other people to share money. And it doesn't look like that is happening too often SO WHY NOT HAVE A CONTINUING SWAP-SHOP/YARD SALE!?!?!?! MYSPACE IS PRETTY EXPENSIVE IF YOU'RE JUST STARTING OUT, FEES FOR POSTING STUFF THAT DIDN'T SELL.....THEN THE COSTS TO USE PAYPAL. I CAN'T AND WON'T DO THAT. I HAVE TRIED ONCE-never sold a dime's woth of stuff and ebay wants charges... lol ON HERE, THERE ARE THINGS THAT HAVE TOO BE KNOWN ABOUT AND AGREE TOO. *** It'll be pretty hard for some of us to use a master card, so, in most cases people will have to use crash or check. Out of the 2, it is at the discretion between the seller/trader and the buyer to communicate, IN PRIVATE, as to the final details. If you're excepting checks but you want to wait till the check clears-thell them. Also Postage-you can either charge a flat fee for everything that leaves your house,which is what I do...that's easier. If you only send out 2 or3 days a week or whatever-mention it.Pixs!! Great!! Post them....Try to use as many descriptive words as possible when describilbing your items. Most important, do you want too buy, sell, or trade, and then what you're prices are, or what your looking for in trade. Post the long description and pix on your own pages, if you want, then come back here, and write a small post, with a pic if you want-to pull people toward your page for the long description. Just put something Like; this is my pic these are my details to buy sell trade Then we will be all over the places, on each others pages, commenting on the pics of the items, and for those of us doing adpage, everyone will bennifit; me because we'r come here to look around, then everyone who wants something, or wants to get rid of something. On the top of your page, put your name, state, item. We all ought to have fun here,getting rid of the things we don't want/need anymore,buy selling, or maybe just giving away. And buying some new stuff that you couldn't afford, at discounted prices or maybe traded or even free. Pass this too everyone you know-the more people that know about it, the more options we will all have!!!!

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Well, I thoughy I might be able to get a low indome loan to get a small house but I was told it was a farce, so I don't reallyknow

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where can i get help with xmas for my two kids,,,, i just got laid off,, i have no xmas tree yet. my car is 2 months late where can i get help

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destiny's mom

Hi are you offering assistance in the finacial field. My daughter is bipolar, she was just taken out of her public school as she was harrassed and couldnt make friends. She needs help paying for $8400.00 tuition for next year in highschool. Please advice. thanks

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 in response to Allegiance...   

Allegiance, living on site with such a mission is just a great idea. And I think is an excellent venue that can provide you with a lot of leverage in your endeavors in this area of work. Good luck and looking forward to reading updates here on aidapge regarding your project.

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Hello, thanks for your attention to those in need.  I am 42 years old and I am seeking to find my purpose in life.  My work career has been in sales and marketing in the automotive and the financial sectors and have lost my passion for corporate America.  My desire is to work with the underprivleged in the area of art.  I am looking for a venue where I can share my passion for art and nature along with my previous business skills.  I would be interested in working with my hands via a camp, farm, or some sort of a resort area that has a mission of helping the underprivleged.  I would be looking for a full time position that would allow me to live on site.  If you have any comments or answers I would love to hear from you. 

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 in response to pattydothis...   

pattydothis, here is a link to Federal Money Retriever and GrantGate. You can search for grants and apply if you find programs that match your situation. Both software packages are free.

You can also check the collection of resources here on aidpage. There are a lot of members that are collecting and posting helpful resources.

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cant you help me? Iam disabled and they are going to shut off my electric. my husband is the only one working and we have 2 kids. We cant afford too pay the electric, I cant get disablity and other help. I dont know how to apply of grants and my bill is up to 4000 can you please help me.

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well me and my boyfriend moved out were both 18 and i m pregnant although none of our parents know and we are way to scared to tell them especially me my boyfriend is extremly smart and got accepted to the college he wanted the only thing is his parents won't help him on  finanicial aid so now im freakin out.Is their sumthing we can do tell me at


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