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Helping Hands Int'l, Inc.

Helping Hands International, Inc. is a Humanitarian 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Organization governed by volunteers. Volunteerism is the backbone of the organization work and the reason for its growth and success. Thanks to the goodwill of its members, Helping Hands International, Inc. has been able to expand its impact all over the globe. But there is so much more that needs to be done. Please help Helping Hands International, Inc. maintains and expands its programs to meet the ever increasing needs of the underserved! Helping Hands International, Inc. (HHINTL) Provides Relief to the Poor, the Distressed and the Underprivileged Worldwide. The organization urgently needs Seeds Money (for General Operating Support), and big and small grants for Direct Service Projects (Homelessness Prevention, Youth Development, Mentoring, Job Readiness for Teen Father, Elder Care Donation to the organization is Tax-Deductible. YOU can make a difference by becoming a Helping Hands International worldwide volunteer. Please Join Us Support This "FACILITATOR OF THE HELPING CONTINUUM". Visit: to Donate Online or Call: 202-986-HELP; Helping Hands International, inc. is based in Washington, DC / United States. The Organization programs cover such areas as: HIV/AIDS Awareness, Emergency Relief Assistance, Youth Development, Mentoring, Fatherhood Initiative Program, Homelessness Prevention, Job Development and Placement, Care for the Elderly, Human Rights Protection, Democracy Advocacy, Immigration Counseling and Legal Services for Refugees and New-Comers, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development.THANK YOU EVERYBODY.

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Dear Vista help, have you tried getting help from any of these grant programs, I've tried for almost five years, Yes they all get Grants but when you try for help , they can't answer a simple question ,They don't know how or what your talking about I've contacted all of my local offices,For Help I have Toxic mold in my home and have contact hud epa and many more.there programs don't cover it have tried local organization and manymore,I do have someone coming out to see if they can help but it is a lot of work just to find anyone that is interest in your situation,they give all of these foundations money and organization,They need one person in each city that can help is almost impossible for you to do this on your own.The reason people can't get the help they need is because their is no one who can answer their question on where do I go to apply,What office,there is so much bureaucracy one office will tell you they don't take care of it .so they send you on to another office and so on it's a big run around, the average person can not get the help they need.That's why there are so many people on the aidpage looking for help.because they don't have the money to get the help they need.You could hire a grant writer but that cost big money,Which none of them have including my self.That's why all of these people are discouraged and have no one to turn to.and if they are getting the run around that I have gotten fo the last five years,then you no why they are screaming for's about time someone step's up to help them.This page should be sent to the government so the can see how many people need help and are not getting it,I have given money to many organization in the past when I had it but now things have turned around and I don't have it.I think it's time to tell the Government it's time to help the people that support them.If Donald Trump can get a grant Why not the average Joe.You know why Because he has the money to pay for that Grant Writer, Money Makes money, The true hurts,and I'am sure everyone know's what I'am talking about. Thank you Sandy6

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Elaine of TSA

Dear Angelp: Have you checked this web site? Please note web sites posted in this field have extra blank spaces inserted which must be removed by back spacing in order for them to function. See: http://www.collegesc m Blessings, Elaine

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hello, my name is Angel. i am 22 and am in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury. i really need help paying for school, medical supplies, leg braces, and hopefully a vehicle. i am getting nowhere with agencies and don't know where to turn. i am not to proud to admit i need a helping hand. if you have any information that could help me please write back. thank you, Angel

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Thanks for the info about you sent me It was most helpful. I'm not looking for a hand out, just a step up until things pan out. I work full time in the school district -- summer months are always difficult because we don't get paid for them. Winter months are bad because I have high fuel costs. I have managed in the past but fell behind because of rising costs. Any agencies you know of that can provide a little assistance is much appreciated Thanks again Shantei

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Hi 'Vistahelp', I too, found the story of the person's crusade to Nigeria incredible. As an American, it is often hard to comprehend the condition of those in other countries. And even when we can or do, alot of times we cannot do very much because their leaders will not allow it. They will not give the aid we send to the people. They kill the soldiers that we send. However, the one thing that we all can do is to pray for these people. We can pray that God will soften the hearts of their leaders. That way when we try to help them the leaders will allow the help to get to those who need it. May God bless you and thank you for joining this site. Anonymous40784

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I have spent the past 5 months and uncountable hours, days, months researching every possible option for any type of any assistance to or for anyone and how many times and ways you can be told NO. Included I report dates, times, qualifications, locations and resources. I have an arsenal of info and would be happy to shhare if you are still collecting same. Trust me, the government grant sites, if not truly the government, are all bullshit. The actual gov sites are risky and dangerous if you don't know what your doing. Respond if you like and I will provide some first hand information regarding mostly why you CAN'T get that FREE MONEY. However, in the right hands would surely save many many souls a copious amount of potentially wasted hope, time and money. I posted here too and to no avail, not even what I considered a mi-noot interest in my money troubles due to Identiy theft, not even a nasty note. I at least got attention and reaction on my post from PopTart on the BOA link along with a testimonial from an employee confirming every accusation I lodged along with additional poo on BOA for our perusal. C-POPtart at boaYours truly, Em

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thanks vistahelp for the advice to contact zopa. unfortunately I don't meet their criteria. God Bless you and yours.

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Hello!! I just found this site. I can't seen to get anything to work keeps saying this page not allowed. Any help would be appreciated. Just trying to see whats available to get us through.

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So what do ya think???

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For Justin

Hi Vista! I just wanted to tell you I think its very nice of you to help others out in their time of need. My aidpage kinda explains my situation.. I was wondering if you knew anywhere in East Tx I could go to for christmas help for Justin(my son) and also any where I can go to for help with maybe housing in my area.. Thank you sherry sherrygilbreath@h

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I live in the uk ,this site is an inspiration ,shame the uk cant aid its own,keep up the good work Best wishes Nikki xxxxx

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Ilive in the uk ,this site is an inspiration ,shame the uk cant aid its own,keeep up the good work Nikki xxxxx

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Big Will

Vistahelp..Thank You for Your post and May God Continue To Watch Over You and Your Loved Ones...BigWill

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Big Will

Vistahelp..Thank You for Your post and May God Continue To Watch Over You and Your Loved Ones...BigWill

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Federal Grants website

Federal Grants

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bonjour je suis ravi d'avoir connaissance avec vous ...vous m'avez envyé un jour un méssage qui contient un site interéssant mais malheureusemnt apres la maintenance d'aidepage j'ai perdu ce message vous avez des adresse des association ou des organismes qui peuvent aidez des enfants handicapés j'espère que tu me les envoi et merci d'avance


help my son need help with his teeth please send me some help. thanks


Do you have any advice on how one would find funds for relocation to attend graduate school? I plan on moving in 2008.

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I find it hard to believe (in fact I know that it isn't true) that there are no funding programs in Wisconsin. Even if that were so there are still funding programs on a national level.

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